Issue #3

(released October 2008)

**Featured writer: Rachel Custer. 4 poems including "Remembering Kristeva, Afterwards ," "Psychoanalytic," "The Promise," and "The Persistence of Memory (after dali)" Also includes an exclusive detailed interview with the poet.

**Poetry in this Issue:

Lester Allen: "we learned the hard way"
George Bishop: "Seasoning"
James H Duncan: "Rubberneck"
Lisa Feinstein: "Let Us Make a Pie of Time"
Tammy Ho Lai-ming: "Painting"
Aurora Lewis: "Rice Paper Walls Played On Cornet"
Carla Martin-Wood: "Weeds"
Puma Perl: "Mulberry Street Branch"
Jana Russ: "Dinner"
S.P.: "Magdalene"
Janice Krasselt Tatter: "The Roses (for Karin)"
Ernest Williamson III: "The Misfortune of Shallow Sight"

**Fiction in this Issue:

Me-K Ahn: "Could"
Thomas DeMary II: "Saturn Return"
Roland Goity: "Shystered"
Rosanne Griffeth: "Collectors"
Ashley McAtee: "The Cashier"
Mariana Sabino: "Visiting Hours"

**Four literary reviews:

VMK Fewings's "Stone Masters: A Vampire's Reckoning".
Ellaraine Lockie's book of poems,Blue Ribbons at the County Fair.
Anthony Pritchard's poem of poetry,Dreaming Inside Of Streetlights
C. Allen Rearick's chapbook,Through These Eyes

**Contest Winner: Joanne Armstrong for her beautiful photo and poem, "Attribute A Tribute"